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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the availability of your classes?

When registering online, each camp/class will show how many spots are left for registration. If the class is full, please join the waitlist or call us at 408-777-8876 to see if we can make room for your child.

What qualifications do instructors have?

All of our instructors are college professors, teachers, speech and debate coaches, and math coaches. They are all professionals in their fields and not high school or college students. You can view our current instructor biographies here.

What is the student/teacher ratio?

Our student to instructor ratio is 12 students to 1 instructor.

How are full day camps structured?

In full day camps, students attend a camp in the morning, have a supervised 1-1.5 hour lunch, and attend their afternoon camp. During lunch, students will gather into 1-2 classrooms to eat. Water is provided, but students will have to bring their own lunch. After eating and cleaning up, students can watch a movie or play games (ping pong, board games, cards).

When is it too late to add?

If a quarter has already started, we can still add students 2-3 weeks in. After that, we don’t allow adds since it would be difficult for students to catch up.

What is the make-up policy?

If you know in advance that your child will miss a class, we can pro-rate you for that amount of classes while signing up. If your student cannot attend the class for whatever reason, please call us at 408-777-8876 to notify us. We will try to find a make-up session for your child. If we are unable to, we can get in contact with the instructor to send you the day’s lesson and homework.

Is homework given in the course?

We want students to stay engaged with the material taught in our classes, so every course has homework that will vary depending on the week and the instructor. We usually estimate students to have about 30 minutes of homework per week. In Public Speaking classes, homework might include journal writing, presentation research, and/or presentation practice.

My child is 7 years old and is very advanced. He/she is reading at the 5th grade level. Can I put him/her into the 9-11 year old class?

Unfortunately, no. The maturity level of a student is just as important as their academic level in a class. The age difference would be too significant between a 7 and 11 year old.

My child will be turning 9 in a few months. Can they join the 9-11 year old class?

If your child is turning 9 in a few months, you can enroll in the 9-11 year old classes if his/her level is appropriate for the class.

Your child can enroll in a Summer camp/class with the grade they will be entering. For example, if your child will be in 4th grade in the Fall, they can enroll in our G4-6 camp.

Do you provide tutoring or coaching?

Yes, we can provide tutoring or private coaching with one of our instructors in all subject matters. Please call us at 408-777-8876 to see for availability.

Why is there a material fee?

Material fees pay for the student manuals, development of curriculum, a Communication Academy bag, and supplies used in the classroom. We do not make a profit off of material fees.

What is our Tax ID?

Our Tax ID is 06-1802411.

Are your programs eligible for my FSA account?

Most of our parents are able to use their FSA accounts for our classes and camps. However, we advise checking with your company’s HR representative.