Ages 9-10, 11-14, 14-17


Debate: Public Forum (Sep – Dec)

Ensure an academic edge! Your child will learn skills such as organization, note taking, research in order to be involved in a fast paced and lively debate on important issues.  Alongside a partner, students deliver constructive speeches and formulate rebuttals to support their case. Experienced debate coaches teach students critical thinking, research, organization, presentation, and active listening skills. Max of 12 students.

Debate: Lincoln-Douglas (Jan – Mar)

Improve your critical thinking and speaking skills with Lincoln-Douglas Debate. Students will be challenged to analyze, plan cases, and debate about matters of ethics in this one-on-one format. This class is ideal for learning to be outspoken and communicate complex ideas.

Debate: Congressional (Mar – May)

Congressional debate emulates the debates of the U.S. Congress, introducing students to legal procedures and practices, and to the intricacies of our governmental system. Students write debate cases, or “legislation”, and learn proven debate strategies for rebuttal and cross-examination. Emphasis is on logic, organization, eloquence and extemporaneity, as well as persuasive speaking. Students gain knowledge on a wide variety of topics, and learn to think and speak on their feet!

Debate: Team Debate (Jun – Aug)

Ensure an academic edge! Debate enhances reading comprehension, increases GPA, and looks excellent on college applications! In Team Debate students develop a strong debate foundation. They learn debate format, improve active listening, experience teambuilding, gain confidence, and exercise critical thinking, organization, and persuasive skills. Professional coaches, personal guidance!