Professional Public Speaking

Professional Public Speaking Adult Workshop

Saturdays, January 13 – March 24, 2018

Imagine you’ve been asked to give a presentation in a work or social setting. Maybe this speech won’t make or break your company or your career, but it sure feels that way.
Wouldn’t you like to feel excited and confident in these situations?
Professional communication doesn’t have to be inherently stressful – it can be a productive and positive experience. Because we understand how critical clear and effective communication is in today’s business world, we offer a variety of six-week courses dedicated to honing your professional speaking skills. Whether you work in a corporate, education or non-profit setting, personal coaching will help you gain the practical knowledge and skills to succeed in career and life!

In Professional Public Speaking, you will:
• Organize, plan, and present your ideas clearly, completely, and convincingly
• Effectively utilize powerful visual aids such as slide-decks, charts, and props
• Attract and retain audience attention
• Master nonverbal delivery skills such as eye contact, voice dynamics, and gestures
• Command the room when managing audience Q&A
• Gain the most desirable skill in corporate America: Great Communication