Sample Student Work

Curious about what type of work our students do in class and for homework? Check out some sample work and activities below!

Academic Writing Sample (7-8 yrs.)
This is an uncorrected response to literature sample written by a first grader. There are obvious spelling and grammar errors, but the errors are grade-appropriate, and the response shows that the student understands the non-fiction article he read.
Academic Writing Sample (9-11 yrs.)
This response to a novel was written by a nine-year-old in our Journalism camp. The use of adjectives shows that he is painting a picture for his reader. He’s incorporated the instructor’s mantra, “show-don’t-tell.”
Creative Writing Sample (11-14 yrs.)
This is a fictional article written by an 11-year-old student during a Journalism camp. This is the final draft of the article. Our instructors require students to use the academic writing process: pre-writing, drafting, editing and revising.
Math Olympiad Sample (9-11 yrs.)
Math Olympiad is more than a competition; it is fun, engaging and fosters problem-solving skills. This student has shown the instructor that she not only understands how to solve an equation, but what the equation means.
AMC 8 Sample (11-14 yrs.)
During each class, the AMC8 student is exposed to a variety of problems and encouraged to use many different skill sets. The instructors encourage students to show their work in creative and engaging ways.
Pre-Algebra Sample (11-13 yrs.) 
This work sample was done by a 10-year-old in a Pre-Algebra class. The instructor requires more than answers; she expects the students to explain the problem, strategies, as well as what the answer means.
Jr. Math Olympiad Sample (5-6 yrs.)
Junior Math Olympiad instructors use a lot of strategies from Singapore Math while teaching, especially in the younger classes. Problems are engaging, colorful, and often promote dialog between the student and instructor. This class helps to foster a love of math at a young age.


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